Student Accommodation in Guildford

Student Accommodation in Guildford

Guildford is a cool mix of the old and the new, right in the middle of Surrey. It’s home to the University of Surrey and has a great vibe, welcoming students from across the world.

Whether you’re a UK native or venturing from abroad, Guildford boasts a myriad of student housing options. From contemporary halls of residence to chic apartments and cosy house shares, you’re bound to find the perfect accommodation to suit your academic and personal needs in this enchanting town.

Compare Student Accommodations in Guildford

Depending on the amenities you are looking for, there are a number of different student accommodations you can choose from.

  • Halls of Residence: Budget-conscious? Halls of residence can be one of the more affordable solutions.
  • Private Apartments: All about that independence? These are a tad pricier but come with luxe perks, including utilities, cleaning, security, wi-fi, air conditioning, and more included in the package.
  • Houses: Team up with buddies or family for a cost-effective yet homey vibe. Certainly the option with less amenities and bills come separately, so don’t forget to account for these when budgeting as it all adds up, quickly becoming the most expensive option.

What other students have to say about accommodations in Guildford

Amelia BennAmelia Benn
12:28 10 May 24
The facilities here are like no other. I have met friends for life by living here. The roof terrace is one of my favourite parts of living here especially in the summer!
Abigail BindingAbigail Binding
12:28 10 May 24
stunning accommodation, the facilities are amazing. really sociable, friends for life!
Emmy JonesEmmy Jones
16:58 21 Mar 24
Brilliant. This is the place to be. From the amazing comfy mattresses to the ultra powerful shower heads, you really can’t get any better. We truly do live in luxury!!! Have to give a massive shoutout to the lovely and caring Harvey, Sarah and Wyatt 🤍I have to say I am extremely upset to be leaving here so soon!! If I could I would be here for years.
Owen Fantarrow (4head)Owen Fantarrow (4head)
15:01 21 Mar 24
Fantastic accommodation block. Commutable distance to both Guildford and Woking with easy bus links - the complex is in a lovely area being right next to Stoke park.
Jemima IdikayiJemima Idikayi
13:51 21 Mar 24
Loverly place love the receptionists would leave my child here !!!
Sam ThomasSam Thomas
13:46 21 Mar 24
I love living at Guilden village so much everyone is so friendly at the events are amazing !!
Evie DoughertyEvie Dougherty
13:34 21 Mar 24
Amazing place. The staff are lovely and there are great facilities, good rooms which are good to personalise. Highly recommend.
Nawal QaddoumiNawal Qaddoumi
19:08 19 Feb 24
Entering my second year at Guilden Village, I can honestly say it's been a fantastic place to live. The location offers both convenience and comfort, perfectly complementing the vibrant student community here. The staff have consistently been supportive, helpful, and approachable, significantly enhancing my overall experience. Moreover, the amenities are specifically tailored to meet student needs, facilitating an excellent balance between study and social life. I highly recommend Guilden Village to any student seeking a welcome and conductive living environment.
Jeshika SinojiaJeshika Sinojia
15:30 17 Nov 23
It’s hand down the best student accommodation in Guildford. I love it here, lot of activities and fun nights. You should stay here if you wanna make friends and memories for life x
Cat MathiesonCat Mathieson
14:31 13 Oct 23
The Guilden Village staff have been the most welcoming and supportive people, they provide the best freshers events with freebies. Absolutely loving my stay here!!
14:27 13 Oct 23
Value for money. Room and kitchen equipped with modern amenities. Shuttle bus very practical but the driver sometimes can be grumpy 😀
Jessie/Jess PowerJessie/Jess Power
14:25 13 Oct 23
I lived at guilden village throughout my uni life in Guildford, they held so much fun activities for everyone to socialise and make new friends. The accommodation is clean tidy and modern.
Mia TranMia Tran
14:24 13 Oct 23
Lovely place to live in! Spending my second year in this accommodation and it’s going really well.
Amazing accommodation with a lot of extras, like PlayStations and games. Very good vibes and clean!
Greek HomieruGreek Homieru
19:58 06 Sep 23
Guilden village is a dream student experience, from the privacy of your bedroom with virtually soundproof walls to the private bus service.I thoroughly enjoyed my time here meeting amazing people and lifelong friends not to mention the amazing rooftop views
Ilyzee Boyd-CoxIlyzee Boyd-Cox
21:13 25 Aug 23
When I moved in the kitchen was in a bad condition that my flat mates parents and I had to clean and throw food out that had been left in the fridge. They said this was due to our early booking but hopefully they will be cleaning more efficiently before the next intake of students.The facilities have been amazing. It’s kept me from staying in my room all weekend from just going across the courtyard to the study rooms or to chill on the rooftop terrace. Never mind the fun games they have in some social areas and our saviour, mother the vending machine!The staff have been nothing but welcoming and a warm face to see every so often, even if they bribe you for a review with a pizza Friday in return🫢Guilden village celebrates and decorated for as many occasions as they can with some of their own being movie nights, DJ sets, live music and more!The rooms are very compact with the plus of having a big tv, air conditioning/heating and loads of storage space.I had a few difficulties with paying rent due to the online system splitting up some of my rent details. Which made me think I didn’t owe them money but it resulted in not being totalled for each instalment of paying.I have had a great year living here with so much opportunity to put yourself out there and a community which I felt safe in!
Tomisin AdeboyejoTomisin Adeboyejo
12:39 09 Jun 23
Literally, enjoyed my time here. Has the best facilities and equipments I have used. Really love the place.
Nawal QaddoumiNawal Qaddoumi
12:13 09 Jun 23
I think that the stuff are all wonderful & very friendly. Both day and night shift. The room is to my liking, I’ve rebooked my room for next year because I enjoy it here, the facilities are great.
I’m enjoying my time settling in the new place. Warm and welcome people. Lovely staff as always, keen to meet some new people that I haven’t meet before. It’s been unreal experience 8 months since I first step here🙏🙏
Noah BoltonNoah Bolton
18:57 27 Feb 23
As someone who doesn’t live here but comes regularly seeing friends, Guilden village has such a homely environment with many places to hang out and do activities my personal favourite being to play pool in the games room. Shout out to David on reception love you.
Jen HalseJen Halse
16:53 16 Feb 23
Spacious facilities with gorgeous decor - each room comes with Samsung TV & there’s a year-long events programme so there’s always something to celebrate in the modern hangout areas including the sky lounge with mini-golf!
Tillie ProffittTillie Proffitt
18:24 10 Feb 23
I’ve been living here for University since September and overall it’s been an experience of ups and downs.Firstly, I experienced a lot of issues with staff regarding emails claiming I had not payed my move in fees due to issues on managements behalf; I had been moved rooms two days before my move in date and this hadn’t been updated on their documents which meant it looked as if I hadn’t payed for my old room on their records whereas I had payed for my new room before I was allowed to move in, which a staff member saw after my parent had given them proof of payment. After a lot of emails and phone calls back and forth, this was amended yet it took a long time to do so.Living here has overall been a pleasant and surprising experience; as most residents attend my school, I am able to visit my friends and spend quality time with them! Guilden also holds a lot of events such as the Chinese New Year party, movie showings at the cinema room, pizza Fridays and countless others which allows us students to meet other people and make new friends, learn about different cultures and celebrate events with others rather than celebrating alone! They have a really lovely community here which is so important, especially for first year students such as myself.For a drama school student, the facilities they provide - the dance studio, study rooms and gym - are very beneficial as I am able to rehearse and work in designated spaces.The rooms are small yet cosy, with samsung TV’s and air conditioning systems that work well all year round! Though the TV’s have had a few issues with the chromecast systems, overall they work very well and are a really nice feature. Although my bathroom light broke before I returned home for the Christmas holidays, it was fixed once I had returned; I did not inform the team about this issue and was impressed that the maintenance team who were checking our shower heads had replaced it!One of my biggest issues is parking; Guilden Village does not have its own parking and, due to Guilden’s location, a car is beneficial when doing things such as shopping, getting to uni and going to the town centre. If Guilden could invest in a car park or create a partnership with another establishment near by with parking (the Lido, Bowling Green etc) for their residents to utilise parking or pay a preferably small amount for a space that would be ideal for someone like me who would need their car to get to and from university. In my opinion, this is Guilden’s biggest downfall, as the supermarkets are almost a 40 minute walk away, meaning residents have to walk to and from with their shopping.Overall, so far I have enjoyed my stay. Although I won’t be rebooking my room for the next academic year, I do recommend the accommodation to students who don’t have friends at their universities who would like to make friends before deciding who to house share with. It has been a great way to get to know people in my school and academic year!
Xiaohan ShenXiaohan Shen
13:53 01 Feb 23
The conditions here are very good, the service is very personal, and the activities are very interesting. In addition, the transportation is very convenient. It is easy to get to the railway station or the city. I love it here
16:59 26 Jan 23
Honestly speaking, I don’t know what happened last year but I’m pretty satisfied with this flat so far. The public area is clear and pretty quite during midnight although sometimes people do have party on the yard but you could call the manager they can handle on this thing. The kitchen will be cleaned by stuff in about one to two weeks. Approx 3 times a month. I may have relatively low requirements, I just want to live in a quiet and clean place, and that's is! This flat meet all my requirments.
David LauDavid Lau
10:51 06 Dec 22
A review from being a resident who stayed in Guilden from 2021 to 2022:Although you may have seen bad reviews, a lot has changed already in many positive aspects. A lot of the messes and irresponsible behaviours are the results of a small minority of tenants that do not take care of the property. The staff actively does their best to clean up constantly and maintain the property always whilst dealing with issues when they arise efficiently!Furthermore, the facilities of the place is exceptional with a brilliant gym, mini golf, study rooms, game rooms and a library full of books to get involved in! Although there has been a lot of staff changes, the currently manager Kerri and the team there now are ready and have implemented positive changes to help Guilden Village which has seen tremendous results and improvements since they have been on!Definitely worth the price and you will definitely be taken care of if you choose to stay here!
Freddie van HeesewijkFreddie van Heesewijk
13:11 11 Nov 22
I’m living in a studio apartment. Loving it. Slightly on the expensive side, but great views. It’s 15 minutes to Guildford town centre. It’s a 2 min walk to Guildford spectrum where you can go bowling with friends. Prestige Student Living puts on good events for Halloween, which was brilliant.
Myren MambetMyren Mambet
15:52 03 Sep 22
I've been living here for a year and I am very happy that I chose to stay here. There are a lot of facilities and the staff is very friendly and supportive. I would also say that the shuttle bus is one of the facilities that I loved the most. It was extremely useful, especially when the weather was bad, and the current driver is very friendly and polite.
14:36 12 Aug 22
The new manager is responsible and the whole team is getting better and better. The bus driver is also very nice and there is a free bus transfer. Everything in the apartment is getting better. Hope their team can do better.

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Student Accommodation in Guildford FAQs

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Guildford?

The right place can truly enhance your time at university. We always suggest students start looking for student accommodation in Guildford as soon as possible to ensure you have plenty of time to find a place that’s just right for you and secure your spot.

  1. If you’ve got that unconditional offer or you’re returning: You’re in a prime spot to begin your search early and pick the best places.
  2. First-years and postgrads still in the waiting game: Relax! Our ‘No place, no pay’ guarantee has you covered for any changes in plans.

What should you keep in mind when selecting student accommodation in Guildford?

Finding ideal student accommodation in Guildford, especially if it’s new terrain for you, can be a whirlwind with so many choices at hand. But, keeping a few key pointers in mind can make the process smoother:

  1. Proximity and Vibes: Guildford’s charm lies in its mix of urban and countryside vibes. While you’d want to be near your campus, look for places that also give easy access to Guildford’s scenic spots and bustling high street. Guilden Village for example provides the perfect balance between the two.
  2. Your Social Habits: Are you someone who thrives in company or prefers a quiet corner? If you enjoy constant chatter, consider shared accommodations. But if solitude is more your style, a studio or a 2-bedroom apartment might be your haven.
  3. Essential Amenities: Think about what facilities are non-negotiable for you. Whether it’s green spaces for those lazy afternoons, community areas for socialising, gym access, or bike storage, make a list and start your hunt!

How much is rent as a student in Guildford?

Student rent in Guildford will largely depend on the type of accommodation you have chosen:

  • Student Halls starting from approximately:  £760 per month
  • Private accommodation starting from approximately: £736 per month
  • Private House starting from approximately:  £2000 per month

Don’t forget to include your  living expenses when figuring out your weekly or monthly budget. Those costs can quickly add up making options that initially look cheaper, more expensive in the long run. 

For example, though private accommodation may appear to be more expensive, it already includes bills, gym memberships, social activities, air conditioning, cleaning and much more. Whereas in private housing you will need to budget that in, making costs unpredictable, especially during the winter months.

Do students need to pay council tax when renting in Guildford?

Council Tax applies to all properties in Guildford unless there’s a specific reason for exemption. While some students might face a Council Tax bill, the majority won’t.

As long as you’re enrolled in full-time education, the Guildford council recognises the student exemption for Council Tax. This ensures that full-time students in Guildford aren’t burdened with this tax during their study period or even in the summer. However, once you wrap up your final year and are no longer a full-time student, this exemption ceases.

What is the cost of living for a student in Guildford?

When considering Guildford as your study destination, it’s essential to factor in the cost of living on top of tuition. For example, if  you were to choose private Guilden Village private accommodation, facilities such as gyms, routine cleaning, security, and air conditioning and your bills are included in the price. 

For those opting for rented spaces in Guildford, here’s a ballpark of some expenses you might incur (remember, these are approximate figures and might vary based on your actual consumption and chosen providers):

  • Gas and electricity: £100-£350 per week
  • Internet: £25 – £65 per week
  • Travel: £410-£800 Annual Stagecoach Bus Pass / £2.60-£5 per day Trainline Tickets
  • Average Uber Prices: £7-£26 per Journey
  • Average Cleaning Prices: £15-£20 per hour / £100-£150 Daily Rate

About Studying in Guildford

Is it easy to get around in Guildford as a student?

Yes! Guildford has everything to offer within walking distance, which is great, there is also public transportation such as buses, trains, taxis, and Uber’s. With stunning views to enjoy whilst making your journey and plenty of shortcuts to find along the way, you’ll have no issue locating where you need to go.

Is Guildford a nice place to live?

Guildford is a safe, friendly place to live especially for young people. There is so much for you to do if that’s from shopping to entertainment, to going for a pint! We highly recommend exploring Guildford as much as possible whilst staying here to get the most out of your experience. It’s the perfect place for students to enjoy and even if you need a part time job for some extra cash, you’ll have no issue getting one.

If you’d like to learn more about life in Guildford, checkout our Guildford Student Guide, where our students share some of their favourite study spots, activities and night outs.