Student Accommodation In Sheffield

Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Sheffield, often touted as the ‘Steel City’, is an exciting blend of industrial heritage and cutting-edge modernity. Home to two leading universities: The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, it offers a lively student atmosphere amidst its historic backdrop.

Whether you hail from the UK or are journeying from international shores, Sheffield provides a plethora of student housing options. From state-of-the-art halls of residence to private apartments and communal house shares, every student is sure to find accommodation that aligns with their lifestyle and aspirations.

Compare Student Accommodations in Sheffield

Your uni experience starts with the right home. Depending on the amenities you are looking for, there are a number of different student accommodations you can choose from.

  • Halls of Residence: The classic student choice, kind to your budget. Enjoy handy amenities like study rooms and always-on security. Some bills may tag along.
  • Private Apartments: Level up with a touch more luxury and privacy. They’re on the higher end of the budget, but with benefits galore. Utilities are often thrown in.
  • Houses: Bonding time with friends or family? Houses offer a blend of savings and homeliness. Just note, amenities vary, and bills are on you.

What other students have to say about accommodations in Sheffield

Eason HEason H
18:52 14 Jun 24
The apartment has good facilities and AC. Staff are very friendly and the apartment often provides free food and gifts.
09:35 09 May 24
I booked this accommodation for my 2nd year of study because it offers air conditioning and a television in the room for an affordable price. However, the air conditioning is always broken and the bedroom gets very hot and humid in the spring/summer time it is unbearable. I file a maintenance request every 2 weeks to fix the air conditioning but there is no response for many months. The television is also broken, I am unable to connect and the maintenance team does not fix it.When I first moved into the room it was not clean. There are stains on the window and closet and I found toothpicks on my bed mattress.I rate this student halls 2 stars because the reception staff are very friendly and they host many events. Other than that, there are little benefits to living here.
05:26 17 Mar 24
I visited the accommodation this week and everything was very good. I will be moving in in September. I really hope there is a luggage storage space service so that I can have a place to put my luggage before I go back to my country for the summer vacation in May. , and can check in quickly and conveniently after returning to the UK.🙏🏼
Yuanjie ZhouYuanjie Zhou
15:45 07 Mar 24
Good choice for saving your budget. Awesome social space on top floor. Regular activities held as well.
Caitlin HattonCaitlin Hatton
13:34 07 Feb 24
Best place I've lived in Sheffield as a student! Reception team are great and do freebies like smoothies or fantuan delivery as well as leaflets with loads of discounts on places in town. Maitenance are so efficient and lovely and the rooms and sky lounge are so so nice. shout out Alberta she literally knows every single resident by name and room off the top of her head and is so kind and attentive and will fix any problem for you asap x
marni xmarni x
13:32 07 Feb 24
i’ve been here since my first year and absolutely love it! clean site with friendly and helpful staff. alberta always goes above and beyond to help! would definitely recommend.
Daniyal ShahDaniyal Shah
11:29 05 Sep 23
friendly and helpful, shout out to alberta. guided me through application process and sorted my accommodation out.
Kate BramhallKate Bramhall
18:28 25 Aug 23
I visited with my sister this summer for accommodation to start in September.It was a lovely place with great facilities even a sky lounge area. Alberta and Fredrick were really helpful with all the questions we had.Would definitely recommend
Jamie BarrettJamie Barrett
13:53 31 Jul 23
The accommodation I was staying in was very modern and had a cool sleek design. Staff were friendly and had a nice time at steel city. Thank you!
Amrutha N SajeevAmrutha N Sajeev
23:56 29 Jul 23
The place is quite good and safe to live in with good proximity to the city centre and university. Feel at home atmosphere and good facilities. However the maintenance is very poor, the aircon never works and you have to chase behind the facility managers with no luck! No value for the money you pay and they don’t even provide a proper escalation matrix to log your issues. Sending mails and lodging complaints are of no use. When you pay a premium, the service delivered should be prompt and proper. The management is pathetic!I’ve been escalating on fixing my aircon for past 3 months and it’s still not looked into or even considered.
Anant PreetAnant Preet
11:40 11 Jul 23
Very friendly staff and nice apartments. 🙂
Nizar B KhaleelNizar B Khaleel
10:00 05 Jul 23
Very nice place to stay, very secure friendly environment and staff Ade and Alberta
Alberta and the staff under her leadership truly go the extra mile in making sure our needs are met. Service with a smile doesn't even do it justice. Everyone here cares about our wellbeing. Thanks for all you do!
Xiangruyi JiXiangruyi Ji
12:54 06 Apr 23
I like steel city.I live in the en-suite with 3 roommates. The place is quite nice and comfortable, especially it has air conditioners!!!!The stuff is also quite nice. Highly recommended.
Shereen NekatiShereen Nekati
12:36 06 Apr 23
They get your issues sorted really fast
Victoria ZimmermannVictoria Zimmermann
11:44 06 Apr 23
Great people. Have had an amazing welcome from everyone. Maintenance is brilliant. And issues were resolved upon request.
Ali AarabiAli Aarabi
14:51 04 Nov 22
As someone who likes to have a quiet and comfortable room to be able study, this is a great place. Very friendly and polite on-site staff especially the property manager Simon and receptionists Alberta and Sara. Room facilities are great. All other facilities are easy to access.
Jay KristinaJay Kristina
17:01 09 Feb 22
Great staff that are so kind and ready to help. Location is a bonus, only 15 minutes from station and 5 minute walk from main campus. The rooms are also lovely, with an AC and a large TV

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Student Accommodation in Sheffield FAQs

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Sheffield

The topic of when to start the hunt for the perfect uni accommodation is always buzzing among students. We all know settling into the right spot can set the tone for your entire uni journey. It’s best not to push it to the last moment – giving yourself ample time ensures you find a spot that truly matches your vibe.

Unconditional offer holders or returnees: You’ve got a head start! Why not dive into the search as soon as you know. The sooner, the better as you will be guaranteed to find and secure your preferred accommodation type. 

Conditional offer folks: If you’re waiting to hear back about your first-year or postgraduate status, don’t fret. We’ve got a nifty ‘No place, no pay’ policy that allows fee-free cancellations.

What should you keep in mind when selecting student accommodation in Sheffield?

Searching for the right student accommodation in Sheffield can feel like navigating a maze with its myriad of options. Here are some tips to help you pinpoint the right one:

  1. Location Matters: Sheffield boasts both bustling city vibes and pockets of green spaces. Find a place that’s comfortably near your campus but also lets you dive into Sheffield’s rich cultural scene and sprawling parks.
  2. Social Preferences: If lively discussions over dinner sound appealing, shared accommodations might be your scene. But if you lean towards peaceful nights with a book, perhaps a studio or a 2-bedroom space will suit better.
  3. Facilities Checklist: Prioritise what you can’t do without. Be it communal spots to mingle, green patches to unwind, or bike storage for your trusty ride, let this guide your search.

How much is rent as a student in Sheffield?

Student rent in Sheffield will largely depend on the type of accommodation you have chosen. Remember to account for all your regular expenses when working out your weekly or monthly budget. Hidden costs can add up faster than you might expect.

  • Student Halls starting from approximately:  £140 per week
  • Private accommodation starting from approximately: £150 per week
  • Private House starting from approximately:  £140 per week

Do students need to pay council tax when renting in Sheffield?

In Sheffield, properties typically come with a Council Tax unless there’s an exemption in place. Some students may find themselves in a position to pay, but most won’t.

Students attending full-time courses in Sheffield can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Sheffield council allows for a student Council Tax exemption. This provision ensures that if you’re a full-time student in the city, you won’t have to worry about this tax for most of your academic journey. Just note that the summer following your graduation is an exception since you’ll no longer be in full-time studies.

What is the cost of living for a student in Sheffield?

Depending on what options you choose, your student accommodation cost will cover some of your costs. For example, when living at Steel City your gym, 24/7 security, cleaning services, and utilities are covered in your rent.

If you are living in a rented accommodation you need to factor in additional costs: (note these are just approximations and you will need to check with your providers)

  • Gas and electricity: £55-£355 per week
  • Internet: £28 – £68 per week
  • Cleaning: £11-21 biweekly

About Studying in Sheffield

Is it easy to get around in Sheffield as a student?

Sheffield offers an array of transportation choices suitable for its diverse student population. While the city has its unique blend of hills, many students prefer to walk, cycle, or catch a tram to their destinations. There are also buses aplenty, running frequently through the primary student hubs. For those nights out or a quick trip, ride-sharing services like Uber and Bolt are also available. 

Choosing Steel City as your student accommodation? You’ll be in a prime location, minimising your daily commute with both the city’s city centre, train stations, and universities all at walking distance.

Is Sheffield a nice place to live?

Sheffield is a wonderful city to live in for many reasons, it has a student-friendly atmosphere, and with having the University of Sheffield and Hallam University, there is a large student population creating plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals.

Sheffield is a city that seamlessly blends the urban with the outdoors. The Peak District National Park is right on its doorstep, offering stunning landscapes and outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and climbing. Additionally, the city hosts numerous cultural events, music festivals, theaters, galleries, and restaurants, ensuring a rich and diverse cultural experience.

In summary, Sheffield is indeed a fantastic place for students to live, offering a welcoming atmosphere, affordability, excellent educational institutions, a blend of cultural and recreational activities, efficient public transport, job opportunities, and a strong sense of community. These factors combined make Sheffield an ideal destination for students seeking a fulfilling and enriching living experience.