Student Accommodation In Nottingham

Student Accommodation in Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. It’s also home to two of the UK’s top universities: the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University.

Whether you are a UK resident or an international student, Nottingham has a range of different student housing options available for you – from traditional halls of residence, private apartments, or house shares, you are guaranteed to find a solution that meets your needs.

Compare Student Accommodations in Nottingham

Depending on the amenities you are looking for, there are a number of different student accommodations you can choose from.

  • Halls of residence: Halls of residence are typically the most affordable option. They offer a variety of facilities, such as laundry, study spaces, and 24-hour security. Bills are included.
  • Private halls: Private apartments offer more privacy and independence than halls of residence. They can be more expensive, but they also offer more flexibility and amenities. Bills are generally included as well as a range of amenities such as gyms, air conditioning, study halls and community events.
  • Houses: Houses are a great option for students who want to live with friends or family. They can be more affordable than private apartments, but they do not offer the same range of amenities and bills are generally not included.

What other students have to say about accommodations in Nottingham

Mias ClootsMias Cloots
08:59 23 Sep 23
The vantage is the best place for an exchange student. I've been here for 2 weeks now and I already love this place! The people here are so nice and Ollie makes you feel like this is your home! + my flat mates are so amazing. I am happy that I chose this accommodation!
Nimita MalhotraNimita Malhotra
22:39 11 Sep 23
I’m glad to have come across a great management! The team is very accommodating and gracious. The Vantage as a property is very charming and looks promising. I have been offered generous help from Oliver! It has reaffirmed my choice to move into The Vantage!
Arzoo ArshadArzoo Arshad
18:46 09 Sep 23
Ollie went above and beyond during my visit. His help was nothing short of exceptional. He helped make the booking process seamless and I was even able to get everything sorted within the hour. I highly recommend The Vantage for their exceptional amenities and top-tier customer service.
18:09 08 Sep 23
The Vantage is really a good place to live. I have lived here for one year, and the living experience is excellent. Firstly, the environment and facilities here are really nice, the room is pretty and the air conditioner is available every day. And the staff here is so so so nice. Ollie and Simon who are part of The Vantage team, they are super friendly and helpful, and they have helped me a lot when I lived here. Whenever I met a maintenance issue, they helped me to sort it out quickly. I am so glad that I chose to live in The vantage.
Filipa AlziraFilipa Alzira
12:04 06 Sep 23
Excellent customer service! The staff is excellent replying to emails a big shoutout to Olly hazel who smoothly supported all my queries in terms of finding a short term accommodation which is now very hard with this rental crisis! If you are an overseas student moving to Nottingham just like I'd would highly recommend you to live here, is quite diverse as well!
Kate GonslavesKate Gonslaves
16:16 07 Jul 23
The accommodations really pretty and whenever there’s a maintenance issue the staff sort it out super quick. Ollie and Simon are part of this team and are super helpful. The vantage team plans loads of activities and game nights for the accommodation.
Krupa KothariKrupa Kothari
18:53 09 May 23
I am new in UK, thus I found the staff very helpful and supportive. Furthermore, they have many things for us such as gym, sky lounge, game area which consists of 8ball pool and TT along with a cinema room. Thus, I enjoy staying here and made many new friends!!
nurta mohamednurta mohamed
22:18 02 May 23
"I recently moved into this apartment complex and I am so impressed with the quality of the apartments and the amenities that are available. The apartment is spacious and well-maintained, with modern appliances and plenty of storage space. The complex itself is beautifully landscaped and has a great leisure and fitness center, which I use regularly. The location is also fantastic, with easy access to public transportation and a variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance. The staff is friendly and responsive, and they have made the move-in process a breeze. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to live here and would highly recommend this complex to anyone looking for a great place to call home."
Fahma MohamedFahma Mohamed
21:44 26 Apr 23
Very beautiful comfortable and amazing place .The most thing I love about the place is the sky lounge because they provide us with varieties of games and the fascinating thing is they stream football matches for us which is so so WOW
Tobi GeorgeTobi George
16:58 11 Nov 22
This is the only review of The Vantage you'd ever need. I am a student residing here and this is my honest review.Pros:1. The Vantage is situated in a prime location. Very close to the city centre, shopping malls nearby, Starbucks, there's a tram stop nearby that easily gets you to UoN and NTU and really anywhere in Nottingham.2. The management is good! Subu, Clinton, Tash and Emily are super kind and amazing. They're the team managing the property during my stay. I hope you meet them during yours.PS: Make friends with Clinton, he has all the freebies and food!3. The building is so pretty and you never feel alone. There are so many events they organize in the building: games, movies, breakfast, you'd meet so many people and make good friends.4. I especially recommend this place to international student, I am one myself and the diversity here is really good. They also have very flexible payment plans which has been super helpful for me.Cons:1. You live with students, young adults essentially so expect a lot of noise even at night.2. If you don't get a studio, you're going to share kitchen and you just might get some flatmates who don't like to take out the trash like mine, lol. The building has cleaners tho so it is really never that bad. I hope you get good flatmates, if you can move in with your friends, perfect!3. The rooms are quite pricey, but believe me, the price is worth it. You get good value for your money!I hope this was helpful. Cheers!
Sindhu MukkamalaSindhu Mukkamala
09:17 09 Nov 22
I am glad I chose The vantage as my accommodation. Though it's a little away from my University it's very close to the city center. Specialty about the accommodation is the wide range of amenities they offer. The sky lounge is exceptional - the sky lounge has games, a TV room and a private dining room. They have study rooms and a lot of common space for you to relax. We can book any of these spaces from the app and host events or do a meeting in the study rooms. Apart from this they organize a lot of events and parties. Breakfast mornings are my fav!
jiani wangjiani wang
14:23 25 Apr 22
I am the resident of this apartment. Generally speaking, it is quite good. I have lived here for a few months, and I feel that there are a lot of activities. And since it's a new apartment, it did have some imperfections at the beginning, but it's getting better and better recently. It's easy to get to prak campus because of transportation, and because the apartment facilities are new, it's comfortable to live in. Thanks for the football tickets from the apartment. I hope there will be more activities in the future
Matthew CraigMatthew Craig
13:42 24 Nov 21
Staff and building are quality, sky lounge is great as it has pool and game consoles.Good amount of studying space on the ground floor with 2 quiet rooms.Rooms are standard but the kitchens are of very high quality.Also the air con in the room is used everyday.No negatives towards the staff, only reason not 5 star is because the building wasn’t complete in time for my arrival, the kitchen could do with a tv and a sofa (more sociable) and the laundry room either needs to be bigger or machines need to be fixed.

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Student Accommodation in Nottingham FAQs

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Nottingham?

You should start looking for student accommodation in Nottingham as soon as possible to ensure you find and are able to secure the one that fits your needs and budget. Although availability can still be found late in the year most accommodations work on a tiered pricing system that means the later you book the more expensive the rent. 

If you’re looking for a studio be sure to act fast as they are very popular with international students and often sell out by February.  

What should you keep in mind when selecting student accommodation in Nottingham?

You will be spending a good portion of your time in your student accommodation and the choice you make can impact your overall student experience. This decision isn’t merely about finding a place to sleep, it’s about creating a supportive environment that will support your academic and social goals.. With a number of options available, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Location, Location, Location: The location of your student accommodation in Nottingham will influence your daily routine. You should consider how easily you can get to and from university, as well as whether you can easily reach libraries, shops, train stations, etc. For example, the Vantage is a five-minute walk away from the train/tram station, instantly connecting you to city life. Good location can save you time, money and significantly improve your quality of life, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.
  2. Amenities that enhance life: Modern student accommodations often come with a variety of amenities designed to enhance your living experience. At The Vantage These might include fitness centres, communal spaces for studying and socialising, laundry facilities, and even outdoor spaces. These extras can contribute to a balanced and fulfilling student life.
  3. Budgeting for bills: Beyond the base rent, it’s essential to factor in additional costs like utility bills, wi-fi, and cleaning to name a few. Understanding the full cost of living in a particular accommodation is crucial for budgeting effectively and avoiding any financial surprises down the line.
  4. Look at value, not just cost: While cost is an important consideration, remember that value is equally significant. A slightly higher rent might be justified by the proximity to campus, the quality of amenities, or the overall comfort of the living space. Finding the right balance between cost and value can lead to a more satisfying living arrangement.

How much is rent as a student in Nottingham?

Student rent in Nottingham will largely depend on the type of accommodation you have chosen. However, don’t forget to include all of your other living costs when calculating your weekly/monthly living costs. It’s easy for hidden costs that you didn’t factor in to quickly ramp up.

  • Student Halls starting from approximately:  £140 per week depending on the quality of the Halls and the extras they offer. It’s also worth checking the age of the property and if all rooms are Ensuite, many halls will keep quiet about making you share bathrooms or be very old and tired buildings which won’t come across in their website images. If in doubt check the google reviews for the building.
  • Private accommodation starting from approximately: £150 per week. Private accommodation providers often build halls especially for students. This means they offer a much better social life as well as all the amenities you could think of in a convenient bundle. The Vantage by Future Generation for example runs social events all year round, has air conditioning, Samsung equipment in your kitchen and a 43” Samsung tv included in the room along with a state of the art Gym, a cinema room and private study areas. Moreover, The Vantage is just 2 years old (built September 2021) and every room has a private bathroom. Being new and purpose built for students means the Vantage’s residents also benefit from Internet speed of up to 1GBPS, Air conditioning and in room Smart Tv’s that have built in Chromecasts.
  • Private House starting from approximately: £140-£200 per week. Utility bills, Internet contracts, Gym membership are not included. White goods, items like kettle, toaster, microwave, fridge freezer are not always guaranteed.

Do students need to pay council tax when renting in Nottingham?

Council Tax is payable on every property unless it is exempt from paying it for some reason. Some students may have to pay Council Tax, but most will not.

The student council tax exemption counts as long as you’re in full-time education. This means that full-time students don’t have to pay any council tax when renting throughout the year, or even during the summer (apart from the summer at the end of your final year – where you’ll no longer be in full time education).

What is the cost of living for a student in Nottingham?

Depending on what options you choose, your student accommodation cost will cover some of your costs. For example, at The Vantage you pay a one off fee that covers all of your gas, electricity, internet and water bills. 

If you are living in a rented accommodation you should should budget for the following: (note these are just approximations and you will need to check with your providers)

  • Gas and electricity: £50-£350 per week
  • Internet: £25 – £65 per week
  • Travel: £20-£50 per week
  • Cleaning: £20-60 per month

About Studying in Nottingham

Is it easy to get around in Nottingham as a student?

Nottingham has a great public transport system and every university is easily connected to the main stations of the city. If you are living at The Vantage, you can easily walk to your university, city centre and main train station.

Is Nottingham a nice place to live?

Nottingham is an ideal city for students. Not only is it home to two top-tier universities, but its vibrant city centre also provides plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops so students always find something exciting going on!

Nottingham also boasts a rich history and culture with Museums, galleries and theatres for students to enjoy. If sports is more your passion, Nottingham has multiple sporting teams including Nottingham Forest Football Club, Nottingham Rugby Club and Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey team – each one worth exploring!