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Make the most of living in Guildford

Living and studying in Guildford has proven to be a great experience, with students appreciating the town’s unique charm and the convenience of everything being close-knit. Our Guilden Village base is conveniently situated among all the major university institutions in Guildford and just a short distance from the charming town.

What Our Students Have to Say About Moving to Guildford

Living and studying in Guildford has proven to be a great experience, with students appreciating the town’s unique charm and the convenience of everything being close-knit. One student captures the sentiment, stating, “It’s a nice town, away from home and everything is close together, providing a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.” The proximity to the town centre adds to the appeal, offering a plethora of activities to engage in. Another student highlights the diverse social landscape, saying, “The people I’ve met make Guildford nice, and there’s a lot of variety.” Initial impressions often revolved around notions of poshness, but perspectives seemed to have shifted over time. As one student candidly admits, “Thought Guildford was very posh but then realised it actually is not.” This is echoed by others who, upon closer inspection, found Guildford to be more diverse and not exclusively catering to an older demographic. Amidst these changing  perceptions, memorable experiences have become an integral part of their Guildford journey. From engaging in the entertaining tradition of pub golf with friends to organising gatherings at our Guilden Village accommodation, these experiences contribute to the tapestry of memories, making Guildford a place they fondly recall.

How to Make Friends in Guildford

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of students have when moving to university is the social aspect of life and meeting new people. A great way to help with this is to choose a student accommodation which provides social events and mixers designed to help you meet new people. At Guilden Village we organise events such as these throughout the year to enhance students’ social experience.

Student Accommodation in Guildford

Private Student Accommodation

The students who answered our questionnaire all responded that they loved all the amenities that are available at Guilden Village and they were a large deciding factor in why they ultimately chose private student accommodation.  One responded with “all the amenities, post/ parcels are safe, the staff and the events. Plus, AC” were all factors in making their decision to live at Guilden Village. 

University Student Accommodation

There is a lot of variety when it comes to housing choices for students in Guildford. Students can consider a range of possibilities, with house sharing being a popular choice for its communal and cost-sharing aspects. Additionally, there are student accommodations across the city, meaning some are closer or further from the University of Surrey, depending on how close to the campus you want to live. 

Renting a Student House in Guildford

Another option available to students when moving to university is to rent a house. Whether they find a small place alone or move in with and share with other students to spread the costs. 

What our students have to say about student accommodation in Guildford

Housing in Guildford has garnered positive feedback from students who appreciate the diverse options available. The general positive consensus of house sharing reflects a desire for a communal living experience and shared experiences. The overall sentiment is one of satisfaction, with students finding suitable housing solutions that align with their preferences and contribute to a positive living experience in Guildford.

Best Places to Study in Guildford

The academic environment in Guildford is generally praised, with students using descriptors like “Great” and highlighting its diversity and convenience. There are always places to study around the campus but if you prefer to study away from the main university, you can choose between Guildford Library, a plethora of coffee shops in town or the study areas available at Guilden Village. 

Study location recommendations from our students

We asked some of our students to share their favourite study spots and the answers provided diverse recommendations that cater to different preferences. These answers included: –

– The study rooms at Guilden Village

– The library at Surrey University

– Local coffee shops, Lorenzos on Stoke Road and Black Sheep Coffee on North Street were mentioned specifically.

Student activities in Guildford

There is a great variety of activities available in Guildford to keep students entertained. Whether you are looking for something more adventurous or quieter activities, there is plenty to keep you entertained and help you build amazing memories.

Adventurous Student Activities in Guildford

In Guildford, you can find a variety of activities for those looking for more adventurous days out. Around Guildford you can find spots such as the Wild Wood High Ropes Adventure or for a more child-like day, there are a few trampoline parks, perfect for jumping out any stresses of student life! 

Relaxing Student Activities in Guildford

Students in Guilden Village can enjoy cinema rooms and comfy common rooms to help them relax after full days of studying. For students that may want a bit of a breather and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town, the Mount provides a great walk to get into nature and is only a 7 minute walk from Guildford’s city centre. 

Educational Student Activities in Guildford

For students who want to knuckle down and get some work done, we provide both private and co-working study areas at Guilden Village, meaning there should be a learning environment that suits you. For those that want to learn about something other than what they are studying at University, Guildford has a multitude of libraries and museums available, such as the Spike Heritage Centre or Shalford Mill. 

Student Nightlife in Guildford

Party nights are part of a typical student experience. At our Guilden Village, students speak fondly of the variety of enticing events we organise, while Rubix stands out as a go-to venue for unforgettable nights. There are also options for a great night out at Labyrinth and AUX, both of which offer dynamic experiences, and The Boileroom carves its niche by organising unique events. Local pubs also offer student-friendly discounts. Guildford has a lively nightlife, directed specifically to students, sure to help create lasting memories. 

– Rubix: student venue with 4 floors with 5 bars, outdoor patio and balcony overseeing the dancefloor and stage. 

Address: Union House, University Of Surrey, University Campus, Guildford GU2 7XH

Website: https://surreyunion.org/Rubix


Description: 5 room super club, with live music

Address: Corner House, Onslow St, Guildford GU1 4SQ

Website: https://www.auxguildford.co.uk/

– Labyrinth:

Description: 4 rooms, 4 bars, 3 DJs, 3 dancefloors

Address: Bridge St, Guildford GU1 4RY

Website: https://labyrinthguildford.com/

What our students have to say about Guildford’s nightlife

With glowing reviews from residents, the nightlife in Guildford is described as “great,” the abundance of friendly faces that contribute to the welcoming atmosphere. One student characterises the community as “good” and “quite chill,” highlighting the relaxed nature that defines Guildford’s social landscape. The university itself is noted for its cohesive community, while Guilden Village itself is praised for its lovely ambiance. This shared sentiment of warmth and inclusivity contributes to making Guildford’s nightlife not just entertaining but a communal experience for all who partake in it.

Transport in Guildford

Transportation has a significant role in the daily lives of students. One student from our Guildford residence, Guilden Village, reflected on the provided shuttle bus, noting that it’s, “very convenient.” Commuting times, no matter the mode of transport, tend to be similar, with one student describing a straightforward 10-minute drive, whereas others who opted for the shuttle bus, cite a similar 10-15 minute duration. Another pointed out that Guilden Village is so close to the University that “if it’s raining, I get the shuttle bus, if it’s clear I walk.” The ease of getting around Guildford extends beyond the immediate vicinity, with students expressing positively about accessibility to nearby cities. One student discussed the seamless connection to the capital, stating, “Easy, 40 minutes to London.” 

Student Costs in Guildford

With some strategic planning, navigating finances while studying in Guildford can be easily managed. One student who answered our survey lives a combination of previous savings, maintenance loans, and a part-time job, using tools like Revolut for efficient financial tracking. Another student emphasised the importance of smart shopping, and suggested exploring different stores for the best deals. To maximise cost-saving opportunities, students leverage platforms like Unidays and StudentBeans, as well as accessing discounts at local establishments. Overall, these insights show that students are able to navigate the financial pressures of student life much like they do in any other student city.

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