Student Accommodation In Loughborough

Student Accommodation in Loughborough

Loughborough is a dynamic town brimming with energy, renowned for its world-class Loughborough University. This thriving academic hub draws students from both the UK and across the globe, each in search of the perfect student living experience.

Loughborough Student University Halls

Whether you’re a local or joining us from overseas, Loughborough offers an array of student accommodation choices. From classic halls of residence and upscale apartments to shared housing solutions, rest assured, you’ll discover a home that complements your academic journey.

Compare Student Accommodations in Loughborough

Depending on the amenities you are looking for, there are a number of different student accommodations you can choose from.

  • Standard Halls: Halls of residence are typically the most affordable option. They offer a variety of facilities, such as laundry, study spaces, and 24-hour security. Some bills may be included.
  • Private Halls: Private apartments offer more privacy and independence than halls of residence. They can be more expensive, but they also offer more flexibility and amenities. Bills are generally included as well as a range of amenities such as gyms, air conditioning, study halls and community events.
  • Shared student Houses: Houses are a great option for students who want to live with friends or family. They can be more affordable than student halls, but they do not offer the same range of amenities and bills are generally not included.

What other students have to say about accommodations in Loughborough

Victory KyeremehVictory Kyeremeh
16:28 08 May 24
Lovdly people,lovely place. 2years in a row here and would spend my third
Arun SohalArun Sohal
11:37 20 Feb 24
Very friendly and welcoming atmosphere!! Has everything you need and lots of things to do everyday, no short of excitement!!
Sofia MikulskiSofia Mikulski
16:30 16 Feb 24
Great reception staff, you can ask them to help you with basically anythingAlso building is really secure all the time
Daniel KociDaniel Koci
15:40 16 Feb 24
I loved the strawberry lime flavour 🔥🔥🔥and the facilities were amazing is was allowed to play table tennis and be able to play 2k
Zeynep KazanciogluZeynep Kazancioglu
14:02 16 Feb 24
Stayed for a year and it was a very welcoming student accommodation. Various different activities to create a fun environment.
Andreea MartianuAndreea Martianu
16:46 03 Nov 23
The accommodation is very nice, well equipped with AC and tv in rooms, the kitchens also have all the appliances one might need. Moreover, there are events happening every week which bring the community together!
Nicholas OngNicholas Ong
11:35 20 Oct 23
Modern building, great amenities, there are private rooms to study in as well. Staff is amazing here, really helpful! Would really recommend!
Tammy XuTammy Xu
10:26 19 Oct 23
luxorio must be the best student accommodation I’ve ever experienced, all the facilities are so well equipped and stuffs are genuinely so nice. I would like to recommend to all my friends and classmates ❤️
09:59 19 Oct 23
I came to visit Luxurio for a viewing. Cami, Hiram and Megan were so helpful! The amenity space is amazing I can't believe you get AC in your room!
Saagar MajmudarSaagar Majmudar
17:51 11 Oct 23
I have been living at Luxurio for the past few weeks and have been very happy with my experience so far - building offers a super chill vibe which is perfect for students (incl. table tennis, pool table, and more games). The staff is very warm, welcoming, and helpful. If you’re a student at Loughborough, Luxurio is the place to live!
Smithy SmithSmithy Smith
06:35 08 Oct 23
Brought my daughter here for her accommodation whilst at university and I wanted to move in myself lool. From moment of arrival with two car loads of her belongings it is apparent why everyone gets a time slot to arrive. Car queue to enter was extensive. Imagine many students are checking in to residents on same day. Eventually made it in to car park. Allotted an hour to check in and receive keys as well as pep talk about do's and dont's, was directed where to collect free bed toppers and some other freebies. Managed to get a shopping trolley from another parent as they had finished and unloaded cars and made trip to daughter's new digs. She has her own ensuite bathroom in her room, on a corridor of six other rooms. At end of corridor is a kitchen with sofa and living space. All but one block have lifts. Be sure to not get that block. Laundry facility and gym are in main reception block.
Dinesh PatelDinesh Patel
08:52 02 Oct 23
Well maintained, managed good facilities, and everything nearby. A bit on the expensive side.
Lynn TaLynn Ta
15:19 27 Jul 23
I highly recommend this place for young students; it was a home far away from home for my daughter who lived there for 2 years and was very safe and she had a nice experience, while studying abroad.
Leen TalafhaLeen Talafha
15:12 27 Jul 23
Great place to stay, close to everywhere and very helpful and friendly staff😊
Charlotte ChangCharlotte Chang
12:52 22 Jun 23
Dope place, great facilities and super friendly staff… spent first year living here and was the best experience ever!!
Charlie LaneCharlie Lane
12:34 08 Jun 23
Good place to socialise with table tennis and pool downstairs. Free gym access as well
12:20 08 Jun 23
Great place to live, in a good location and air conditioned rooms… need i say more!
Pluem SakulkerewatanaPluem Sakulkerewatana
15:48 12 May 23
Great dorm with great staffs and people around. The room has provided u with aircon and TV. I like the facilities such as, Gym, PS5 and Table Tennis. There are common area and study rooms as well as, cinema room for you to enjoy with your lads. Highly recommended.
aaryan choksiaaryan choksi
13:49 12 May 23
Good property, friendly staff and the activities are fun. It’s a student friendly place with great amneties.
Harry MacnamaraHarry Macnamara
16:18 13 Apr 23
I've really enjoyed living here the staff are extremely friendly and helpful and help to create a great community space. Just needs more washing machines and gym equipment.
14:03 21 Mar 23
Amazing accomodation, friendly staff and quality study rooms and games/lounging areas!
Susanna SmithSusanna Smith
16:45 06 Feb 23
Great facilities and amazing experience, can’t recommend this accommodation enough
Matthew TellesMatthew Telles
03:16 08 Dec 22
Pretty decent place with a lot of nice features and the rooms are very nice for students especially when you look at the price that they are paying for the product. They're sponsored by Samsung so they get a lot of different Samsung products, which definitely elevated this product even further.
michael ojobomichael ojobo
18:12 27 Oct 22
It was a wonderful experience living here I made new friends and socialise very well especially the staff very helpful in times of need. This accommodation has many good facilities.
Ben YusefBen Yusef
16:43 23 Oct 22
Decent accomodation for students, and rooms have TV, Aircon, furniture and shared amenities - kitchen, toilets, showers. There are games rooms, sauna and library. Overall good clean accomodation.
jewel kingjewel king
11:13 22 Aug 22
This accommodation is great, all the features such as the gym and the TV, Games area and etc are literally really good.And the people that work in the accom are super friendly; Megan really helped me have a smooth move to the accommodation so always feel free to ask them for help as they are lovely and willing to help at all times.
Mayada DemashkiehMayada Demashkieh
15:26 11 Aug 22
I have been remotely liaising with Mrs Megan Sampson to find a suitable room for me. Megan is very helpful, friendly and sympathetic within her professional approach. She answered all my texts with little to no delay. I look forward to moving in.
Ramis ArjumandRamis Arjumand
17:27 08 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience living in luxurio. Lived in the townhouses. The room is big enough since the bathroom is not in there. The kitchen is massive, the view is good. For the amount I paid, it's totally worth it.

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Student Accommodation in Loughborough FAQs

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Loughborough

This question is very common among students as the moving out hustle is real and choosing the right place to live at uni would make or break your uni experience, so we would recommend not leaving this major task till the last minute to ensure having enough time to search for a palace that suits your needs.

Unconditional offer:
In this case, whether you are an unconditional offer holder or a returning student, you are in a great place to start looking for your place for the next academic year. We advise you to take advantage of this opportunity and start searching and viewing places right away.

Conditional offer:
If you are a 1st-year student and a postgraduate who is still uncertain about your application status, we got your back on this one as we offer a free-of-charge cancellation due to our “No place no pay“ policy.

And no matter where you are in Luxurio we offer in-person and online viewings to assist you with your room search regardless of your location.

What should you keep in mind when selecting student accommodation in Loughborough?

After accepting your offer from the university, there is another big task ahead of you: where to live?!

Securing great student accommodation in a new city, or even a new country, can be a tough task and with too many options available it could be quite overwhelming. You need to ensure you have chosen the perfect location that offers all your desired amenities within your budget. 

In general, we have a few tips to help you choose the best accommodation for you:

  1. The location: The accommodation location should be a key factor to consider when searching the options as it should be close not just to campus but also to the other amenities and interests as well. Since Loughborough is a small town we recommend staying somewhere close to campus and also within walking distance from the town centre to have access to the wide range of restaurants, cafes, and pubs.
  2. Social habits: When choosing student housing, you should take your social habits and preferences into concentration. If you are a bit of an extrovert and a social butterfly you might enjoy sharing a space with multiple flatmates, on the other hand, if you are more on the private side you might enjoy a studio flat or a 2-bedroom apartment to share it with someone like-minded.
  3. Facilities: It is important to list the facilities you need e.g. greenspaces, communal areas, or bike storage, and look for places that cover your necessities.

How much is rent as a student in Loughborough?

Student rent in Loughborough will largely depend on the type of accommodation you have chosen. However, don’t forget to include all of your other living costs when calculating your weekly/monthly living costs. It’s easy for hidden costs that you didn’t factor in to quickly ramp up.

  • Student Halls starting from approximately:  £550
  • Private accommodation starting from approximately: £450
  • Private House starting from approximately:  £560

Do students need to pay council tax when renting in Loughborough?

If you’re engaged in full-time studies, you qualify for the student council tax exemption. Hence, full-time students are free from paying council tax during their rental period, including the summer months. However, take note that the exemption concludes after your final year’s summer, as you’ll no longer be considered a full-time student.

What is the cost of living for a student in Loughborough?

Depending on what options you choose, your student accommodation cost will cover some of your costs. For example, Luxurio provides a gym, cleaning, security, air conditioning and bills are all included.

If you are living in a rented accommodation you should should budget for the following: (note these are just approximations and you will need to check with your providers)

  • Gas and electricity: £50-£350 per week
  • Internet: £25 – £65 per week
  • Cleaning: £10-20 biweekly

About Studying in Loughborough

Is it easy to get around in Loughborough as a student?

There are a number of ways to travel around Loughborough, and as it is a relatively small town you can walk around or ride a bike to get by. Buses are available and the university provides free shuttles to certain destinations, other travelling options include travelling applications like Uber and Bolt.

However, when you live in Luxurio you wouldn’t need to worry about commuting as we are located in the heart of the town centre within walking distance from the Loughborough University campus.

Is Loughborough a nice place to live?

Loughborough is a very nice town in the heart of England where you can get an elite education with its university being constantly ranked among the UK’s top 10 universities, or you might like to take a short drive to the peaceful villages to get a taste of the English countryside or get to Nottingham to enjoy the vibrant nightlife there.

The town has a local market and a wide range of restaurants and cafes, in addition to shops, parks, and a leisure centre.

Check out our Loughborough Student Guide – to make the most of living and studying in this city.