Student Accommodation in Colchester

Student Accommodation in Colchester

Colchester, a town steeped in history, offers a blend of the ancient and the contemporary, making it a fascinating place to study and live. It’s proudly home to the University of Essex, a key academic institution known for its diverse community.

Whether you’re from the UK or coming from abroad, Colchester presents an array of student accommodation options. Be it traditional halls of residence, sleek private apartments, or shared housing, there’s a perfect fit awaiting every student in this vibrant town.

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When it comes to student living, you’ve got options based on your needs and budget:

  • Halls of Residence: Generally the most wallet-friendly. Expect facilities like laundry, study areas, and round-the-clock security. Bills might be part of the deal.
  • Private Apartments: Perfect for those who value their space. They might cost a bit more, but the perks, from gyms to AC, make up for it. Plus, bills are often bundled in.
  • Houses: Ideal for those grouping up with mates or kin. Might be lighter on the pocket than private flats, but amenities vary and bills come separate.

What other students have to say about accommodations in Colchester

Emma ChoEmma Cho
17:51 02 Jun 23
Hythe Mills is hands-down the best student accommodation in the area in terms of its facility, location (15mins on foot to the campus, 7mins to Tesco), and staff. The staff is friendly, supportive and sweet. They strived to address the issues one might encounter and offer mingle events from time to time. I am enjoying the gym facility and the communal study area a lot.
Emma TEmma T
15:03 03 May 23
The building is nice, it’s comfortable. The common room has the essentials you’ll need for a great time to spend with friends. The kitchens have good spacing
Mini SeanMini Sean
10:16 19 Apr 23
My time here was almost perfect, anything I needed fixing in the room was seen to within 24 hours of requesting. Staff are unbelievably friendly and helped with any issue I had over the year, in specific Holly and Hayley were super friendly even just to spend an hour talking to every now and again.
Penzzy SimmyPenzzy Simmy
10:04 29 Jun 21
great place to stay. I really enjoyed my stay here. The rooms are really nice.The staff were excellent and welcoming as soon as the day I arrived.

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Student Accommodation in Colchester FAQs

When should you start looking for student accommodation in Colchester?

Trying to pin down the best time to start scouting for your uni digs? It’s a dilemma many students face. Landing the right spot can play a big role in how you experience university. Our tip? Jump into the search early, giving you the best chance to find somewhere that feels like a second home.

  1. Unconditional offer in hand or coming back for another year? This is your moment to start exploring what’s out there.
  2. For those on the edge of their seats (first-years and postgrads): Don’t stress about uncertain application statuses. Our ‘No place, no pay’ policy is here for peace of mind.

What should you keep in mind when selecting student accommodation in Colchester?

With your university offer in the bag, the quest for the perfect student accommodation in Colchester begins. Amidst a sea of choices, here’s how to stay anchored:

  1. Spotting the Right Spot: While Colchester is drenched in history, you’d also want modern conveniences. Choose a location close to your campus, but also where you can easily step out to explore the town’s heritage and enjoy its vibrant nightlife.
  2. Sociability Scale: Love hosting game nights or prefer a quiet evening with a movie? Depending on your social inclinations, you might vibe more with shared housing or cherish the calm of a studio or 2-bedroom apartment.
  3. Amenities to Aim For: Zero in on what facilities are vital for you. Whether it’s spaces to socialise, serene corners to relax, or a secure spot for your bike, ensure your accommodation checks these boxes.

How much is rent as a student in Colchester?

Student rent in Colchester will largely depend on the type of accommodation you have chosen.

  • Student Halls starting from approximately:  £500 a month
  • Private accommodation starting from approximately: £950 a month
  • Private House starting from approximately:  £1500 a month

When planning your weekly or monthly budget, make sure to consider all your living expenses. Little costs you might overlook can accumulate quickly.

Do students need to pay council tax when renting in Colchester?

Every property in Colchester is usually subject to Council Tax, but there are exemptions. Many students might wonder if they have to pay, but most will be exempt.

Full-time students in Colchester get a break when it comes to Council Tax, thanks to the student exemption. This means that throughout your time studying full-time in Colchester, including during the summer, you’ll be exempt. But be aware, once you finish your final year and transition out of full-time status, this exemption ends.

What is the cost of living for a student in Colchester?

Depending on what options you choose, your student accommodation cost will cover some of your costs. For example, Hythe Mills provides a gym, wi-fi, cleaning, 24/7 security, air conditioning and bills are all included in your monthly rent. 

If you are thinking of living in private housing in Colchester, you should should budget for the following: (note these are just approximations and you will need to check with your providers)

  • Gas and electricity: £52-£352 per week
  • Internet: £26 – £66 per week
  • Cleaning: £10-20 biweekly

About Studying in Colchester

Is it easy to get around in Colchester as a student?

In Colchester, students will find that getting around is a breeze. The town, with its rich history, is perfect for those who enjoy a leisurely walk or a bike ride. Regular buses cater to the main student regions, making travel to the University of Essex uncomplicated. Additionally, Uber and Bolt offer quick transport solutions. 

If you opt for a stay at Hythe Mills, commuting worries will be a thing of the past. We’re situated right in the core of Colchester, making most essential spots, including the university campus, just a walk away.

Is Colchester a nice place to live?

Colchester is a lovely place to live with its vibrant nightlife and choice of restaurants/bars. Multiple supermarkets and different attractions to visit like Colchester Castle, Leisure Centre where you can go swimming, Colchester town where you can have a mooch around the shops and stop for a coffee. 

It is only an hour drive from London which is very convenient if you enjoy visiting London regularly for shopping or theatre trips. Colchester also has the stadium where some concerts are held, for example Little Mix.. Colchester Castle recently held a concert for Olly Murs.