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Make the most of living in Sheffield

The city of Sheffield is renowned for its unique blend of urban life and natural beauty which makes it a compelling experience for students. With the Peak District nearby, Sheffield is a city that has all the benefits of urban living whilst having easy access to nature. According to the University of Sheffield website, Sheffield is also one of the safest major-cities in the UK, making it an ideal place to live for students living on their own for the first time.

What Our Students Have to Say About Moving to Sheffield

One of the students we interviewed initially had concerns about safety in Sheffield but found a welcoming and secure environment once he had moved in. Another student, a third-year, was pleasantly surprised by the natural beauty and lively city atmosphere and said that the Peak District was one of their favourite things about living in Sheffield. 

How to Make Friends in Sheffield

One of the major concerns that students face when starting University is making new friends. Within Sheffield there is a friendly community and various social events facilitate easy social integration. At Steel City there is a communal living space to allow all the residents to mingle and get to know each other. 

What students living at Steel City have to say about making friends

It was said to us multiple times by the students that we interviewed that making friends with their flatmates was crucial in easing the transition to student life and many said they had now found friends for life. One of the first year students we spoke to said how friendly the community is at Steel City and that it was a key factor to her settling into student life. One of the Chinese students living at Steel City suggested joining the Chinese Federation of Students and Scholars Association at Sheffield University to find like-minded people and get a sense of home. 

Student Accommodation in Sheffield

Accommodation options for students in Sheffield cater to diverse needs, ranging from university dormitories to private housing, all offering a mix of convenience and community. The University itself has halls of residence that are generally put aside for first-year students to help them settle into university life together, however you do not have to take this option if you do not want to. Students can also choose to live in private-rented accommodation with a landlord. Generally when students do this they need to live in groups to help spread the costs of utility bills. Another option available to students is to live in private student accommodation such as Steel City which gives a good mix of being around other students while also having your own space and all bills being included in the weekly price. 

What our students have to say

One of the students we interviewed said their favourite thing about Steel City was the proximity of the dormitory to classes, while another appreciates the affordability and the sense of community. At Steel City students can benefit from the use of the games room, a TV room, a pool table, garden and communal lounge meaning there’s plenty of space to interact together. Steel City also has the benefits of an on-site laundry room and fitness studio as well as a weekly cleaner. A PhD student commented on how good it was to have multilingual service as it is convenient having someone speak their native language on staff.

Best Places to Study in Sheffield

The city of Sheffield has a variety of study spaces, including quiet libraries and university study rooms to coffee shops with more atmosphere or plenty of parks and outside areas for those that like to get some fresh air. 

St George’s Square City Centre Park

Address: St George’s Terrace, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4DP

Couch: Coffee Shop

Address: 29-31 Campo Ln, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2EG

Website: couchstuff.co.uk

Sheffield Central Library

Address: Surrey St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 1XZ

Website: sheffield.gov.uk

Weston Park Museum 

Address: Western Bank, Weston Park Museum, Mushroom Lane, Sheffield S10 2TP

Website: sheffieldmuseums.org.uk

Several students recommended The Diamond Library at the University of Sheffield as a great place for studying, citing its excellent resources and study environment.

The Diamond: Library

Address: 32 Leavygreave Rd, Broomhall, Sheffield S3 7RD

Website: sheffield.ac.uk

Student Nightlife in Sheffield

Sheffield’s nightlife offers a mix of vibrant clubs, cosy pubs, and cultural events, catering to all tastes. The Viper Rooms, The Leadmill and Tank are all student favourites for a night out. Next to the Steel City is The Perch which has live bands, beer festivals and serves amazing food.

The Viper Rooms: Nightclub

Address: 35 Carver St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4FS

Website: theviperrooms.com

The Leadmill: Nightclub

Address: 6 Leadmill Rd, Sheffield S1 4SE

Website: leadmill.co.uk

Tank: Nightclub

Address: 53-55 Arundel Gate, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 2PN

Website: tanksheffield.co.uk

Perch Brewhouse: Bar

Address: 44 Garden St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4BJ

Website: facebook.com7

Cutlery Works:Food Hall 

Address: 73-101 Neepsend Lane, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8AT 

Website: cutleryworks.co.uk 

Riverside: GastroPub

Address: 1 Mowbray Street, Neepsend, Sheffield S3 8EN

Website: Riversidesheffield.co.uk

Despite all of these great options for a night out, the most memorable night out detailed to us by one student was watching the sunrise at the Peak District, showcasing the unique blend of city life and nature in Sheffield.

Transport in Sheffield

Sheffield’s efficient transport system makes commuting easy, whether it’s to university or exploring the city. From Steel City there is a short walk to the train station, meaning it’s easy for students to travel around the UK.

One student tells us that they walk more to save money but that everything is so close to Steel City that they rarely feel they need to rely on the transport systems. Steel City is only a 17 minute walk from Sheffield University, a 13 minute walk from Sheffield Hallam and only a  11 minute walk to the main city centre. When students mentioned using the transport systems, they all spoke of how convenient the city’s trams were. 

Student Costs in Sheffield

Managing expenses in Sheffield can be achieved with strategic planning, leveraging student discounts and budget-friendly options. Within the city students can find a range of places that offer student discounts to make shopping and living more affordable. 

Students noted that preparing food at home can significantly save costs. Students at Steel City have easy access to both Co-op and Tesco Express supermarkets as they are both within walking distance from the accommodation. A first year student we spoke to says one of their favourite things about Sheffield is the affordability of the city.

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